It feels like forever has passed since we were initially exposed to Cardi B, the latest female rap sensation, by way of her debut album Invasion of Privacy. The Grammy-winning artist is a bonafide superstar and her first album is still performing well. However, the fact remains that two years have gone by since the world has gotten a full-length project from the Bronx-raised rapper. 

Last year, she announced her official sophomore studio album, teasing a couple of new songs and releasing the "Press" single. After that, months passed without us hearing a peep out of her.

In recent weeks, it has been rumored that the rapper is facing serious contract disputes at Atlantic Records, which is the reason why she has not dropped a release date for the project yet. On the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Mike Kyser, an executive at Atlantic, phoned in to give a statement on the situation regarding Cardi.

Cardi B label
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

According to him, the alleged contract restructuring will not pose a problem for any of the rapper's future releases.

"Cardi is a superstar and we're gonna treat her as such. Okay? Period. She will be well taken care of. That's my word," he said before also confirming that Roddy Ricch, another signee at Atlantic, is in good hands.

Listen to the new episode of the podcast below and chime in on your thoughts regarding the Cardi B label rumors.