Cardi B seems to get an even amount of love as she does hate and her recent post shared to Instagram has no time for haters since it's a lovely photo of her ever-growing baby bump. The mama to be can be seen posing in an all-white dress with some Pride-friendly colours in her hair and on her shoes, looking like she's ready to pop! She captions the photo saying "Big Momma" and we're here for it.

Speaking of Cardi B being pregnant, she recently shared some laughable updates that may or may not have been too much information. The "Be Careful" songstress revealed that she can no longer shave her vagina because she can't see what it looks like down there anymore.  “Sad news: I can’t see my vagina anymore," she tweeted. After the tweet got a hell of a lot of love, she responded: "SMH 200K likes on this tweet ?I guess ya love when I’m miserable 😤You know how hard it is to shave my vagina? 😤😤I literally have to put one leg up in the sink while i look in the mirror facefront 😡.I hate all of yaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂"