Nardwuar may be a riddle wrapped in an enigma, but when it comes to the interview game, he stands comfortable atop the upper echelon. With an unflinching gaze and omnipotent knowledge of your entire life story, Nardwuar's interviews have developed a reputation for being hilarious, genuine, and impeccable researched. He may dress like a time traveling alien, but the man knows his shit.

This weekend, the Human Serviette was doing his rounds at Coachella this weekend, where he crossed paths with the pregnant superstar Cardi B. While known for his generosity, Nardwuar truly took the gifting overboard this time around, to an absurdly comical point; in truth, Cardi seems confused by the seemingly infinite collection of oncoming records. "You are overgifting me," says Cardi. "I feel like I owe you something."

Amidst the Galadriel-esque gifting spree, Nardwuar does proceed to ask the hard questions. "When you got your ass done," he inquires, "did they really give you milk and cookies?" She confirms, revealing that she almost passed out; evidently, the signature combination worked wonders. He also wonders whether she ever broke someone's nose, but the mother-to-be plays coy. "I'm going to have a child, so I can't tell that story anymore," says Cardi, showing a welcome sense of maturity.