Cardi B is a busy lady these days. The superstar spends a lot of her time in the air, flying from city to city as she works to impress the masses. As one of the biggest artists in the world, she has to be getting used to that type of lifestyle. This weekend, she got the opportunity to spend some time off with her husband and their baby, celebrating Easter as a full unit. On her way to the next show, Cardi reflected on how amazing her weekend was, cuddling her daughter and detailing just how much she misses Offset.

Cardi's relationship with her partner has seemingly improved immensely since they split up in the winter. They spent several months apart but they eventually realized that they were madly in love, running back to each other and continuing what they had started to build. The Bronx-bred rapper rested on her private jet with her baby in her arms, writing a note to her fans about her husband. "Boutta blast but we missing poppa bear," she wrote. "What a great weekend/holiday we had. Theres nothing more valuable then [sic] family time."

This weekend, Bardi and Offset shared some of the priceless moments they shared with their young daughter, letting everybody in on a few rare videos and photos. Take a look at how Cardi is living below. She's definitely spoiling herself!