In her most recent interview with E! Online,Cardi B graced the red carpet at the Swisher Sweets Awards where she was to be presented with the Spark Award and briefly opened up about being a mother and the joys of motherhood with he daughter Kulture. The 26-year-old touched on the challenges of balancing motherhood and the demanding schedule of a star of her caliber.

She reiterated the same sentiments she revealed at this year's BeautyCon, telling the outlet, "When I was pregnant, I always used to say, 'Oh, I'm just gonna have my baby with me all day, and I'm going to get a nanny.' And then, you know, once your baby gets here, you're scared to get a nanny because you don't want anybody around them. You cannot just travel with your baby all the time."

She also went on to speak on Kulture directly, voicing her happiness with being a new mom and her anticipation for her very first Mother's Day.

"[Kulture] is so fun, she is cool, like, I love her," Cardi said. "She just makes the gloomiest days like sunshine. I love it. It's is slice of heaven—a sanctuary, my baby. I love her."

On the topic of Mother's Day, she adds: "I am getting gifts. Hopefully, I get a cute gift for Mother's Day. I'm a good mom. I'm good at a lot of things. The best job is a mom. I'm really good at being a mom."

It's certainly been a busy schedule for Cardi who would soon make her way over from West Hollywood to Indio, California to make a surprise appearance during DJ Snake's set for a performance of their collaborative "Taki Taki" track along with Ozuna and Selena Gomez.