There's no doubt that Cardi B ish poppin' (as she might say), but it wasn't always that way for the relentless New York native and former Love & Hip-Hop star. There is not many a Love & Hip-Hop star that can transition out of the reality TV show into something much bigger and better, and make it look cool, at that. That's exactly what Cardi B did though, with her unfiltered and hilarious personality, she propelled herself into stardom, and continues to pursue a rap career in the process.

We got to catch up with Cardi B while backstage at Fader Fort's Dream Hotel artist lounge, and ask her a few questions about being welcomed (or nah) by the world of fashion, and how much planning actually goes into one of those Instagram videos which has become routine.

When it comes to breaking into the fashion game, Cardi says, "A lot of designers, yes, they did told me no, they didn't really wanna work with me, and I said to myself, you know what I'm gunna buy they pieces until they wanna work with me, and on top of that, I'm gunna show them lil bitch could rock they shit."

She leaves us with some insightful advice that can be applied to a variety of situations, take heed: "Sometimes a lot of people, when people reject you, they'll be like 'nah, fuck them,' sometimes you cannot say 'fuck them,' sometimes you gotta be like, listen, I'ma prove to them that I'ma fashion, fucking, icon."

As far as how this Instagram videos come together, the New York rapper tells us, "I usually do it a one-take thing because if I try to do it again, I might not say what I really wanted to say from the beginning. Sometimes I have an idea and I have to put it on video so if I do it again it's not gunna sound as raw. But sometimes I might say the wrong words so have to do it again, like two times, never more than three times. It's very organic, it comes from the fucking brain baby." 

Watch above. Cardi B simultaneously does and does not have a way with words, amirite??