Lee Daniels claims Cardi B is his favorite rapper at the moment. He says they met a long time ago when she came to audition for one of his productions. This was before Cardi had any semblance of the kind of the fame she experiences today. Around 3 years ago, the rapper met with Daniels for his TV show Star. Now that the show has been airing for a couple of seasons, it is clear that Cardi did not obtain any role during that first meet. However, the producer was so fond of her that he asked to document part of their time together. They took a giggly selfie video that he later posted on Instagram. Cardi is her usual boisterous self, yapping,"How you doing, America? I finna surprise everybody." While she laughs, Daniels is slightly cooler, yet still laughing:"I think I found my next discovery...Cardi B!"

The producer claims that Mona Scott ultimately hired the entertainer for Love & Hip Hop from his Instagram post. The reality television show was the main propeller in Cardi's career, so if his Instagram post was the reason for Scott casting the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, the star might have Lee Daniels to thank for her current success.