A few days back, it was reported that Cardi B had filmed a variety of skits for Rip Michaels' sketch comedy series Off The Rip, one of which caught mild heat for racial humour. Though apparently filmed before the masses decided risqué humour was better off dead, the contents will no doubt ruffle feathers of anyone addicted to being appalled. Now, the second skit has surfaced, with a title all but warning wary viewers what to expect. Behold, "The Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement."

During the skit, Cardi plays Coretta Scott King, the beloved wife of Martin Luther King Jr. Naturally, such a respected figure is revered by many, even landing a Frank Ocean namedrop on Watch The Throne's penultimate "Made In America." In this depiction, the contents are a little more in line with the "Real Housewives" brand. Not only is Coretta Scott King part of the roster, but as are Betty Shabazz, Rosa Parks, and Jacqueline Lavina Brown. The clip itself alludes to Martin Luther King's rumoured infidelity, going so far as to make it the centre of the piece. 

Peep the inevitably controversial clip below, courtesy of TMZ