Much of the nation is absorbed by Cardi B at the moment. As somewhat of a "Kardashian" figure in hip-hop, her every move is captured as people consistently make speculations about her life. While herself and partner Offset have both denied rumors of a pregnancy, the evidence continues to weigh against their dismissals. With talks originally stemming from a Super Bowl weekend event where the star's team told staffers she could not drink because of her pregnancy, the better part of the year has included Cardi B gossip.

Some sources have claimed to have seen a legitimate baby bump on the rapper at the Wendy Williams show while the most recent rumor is that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper is planning to announce the news soonTMZ may have beat her to it, catching her at a video shoot wearing increasingly baggy dresses in the stomach area. You'll remember that Cardi wore several poofy dresses at the iHeartRadio Awards, churning the rumor mill further. Her choice of outfits, which regularly includes skintight get-ups, has gotten much baggier around her midsection, as seen in the flowing yellow dress she has on in the photos.

While she may be telling the truth in denying her pregnancy by telling her fans to let her "get fat in peace," many signs are pointing to her giving birth to a mini Offset in the near future. Check out the photos here and let us know your thoughts.