Cardi B is back with some more of her antics again on Instagram. On Monday night, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper decided to show off some new gifts that her husband, Offset, purchased for her on Monday. However this time around, Cardi decided to use a cute soft-spoken voice and provide some hilarious commentary to go along with it courtesy of her toy doll.

“K, so usually when Offset buy me things. He FaceTime me first. And ask me like ‘hey you want me to get you this?’ But this time, this morning he surprised me with things. Lets see how he did,” Cardi says before going on to show off her designer items.

On her fire shoes, Cardi added, “Ok so he got me these. These are so fuckin’ fire. Okay Zaddy this is what you wanna see me in. Give me 38 days. Let me heal the fuck up ya heard?” she hilarious says. Then she went ahead and showed off a Chanel purse & some Godiva chocolates, before revealing her fury pink Louis Vuitton slides in the process.

Cardi left the following caption, revealing the gifts were purchased “just because.” “I love you my sweetheart @offsetyrn ❤️❤️Thank you 😍I feel very special . #justbecause” she said.

Check out the cute clip (below) and let this be a lesson to the fellas out there on how to surprise and treat your ladies every now & then.