It was revealed over the weekend that Cardi B received a late Christmas gift, reaching a settlement in her former manager's lawsuit against her and avoiding a $30 million payout. She has been transparently reacting to the win in court through social media, telling all of her followers that she feels "free".

"Feels good to be free," wrote Cardi B on Twitter, referring to an article that discusses the settlement in her lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed back in April 2018 by Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, Cardi's former manager. The suit included accusations of breach of contract, which Shaft was asking $10 million for, and more. The entire case has effectively been thrown out, dismissed as Cardi celebrates the win.

Recently, Cardi has been really racking up victories in her career, starting a brand new show called Cardi Tries, where she has attempted ballet, stunt diving, and more. This weekend, she celebrated the holidays with her family, showing off her extravagant Christmas decorations, which included five fully-lit trees in the living room

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

On the music side, the Bronx-based rapper has been teasing the arrival of a new single before her sophomore studio album, which is likely to release next year. 

Are you ready for more new music from the "WAP" star?