Cardi B's debut album Invasion Of Privacy is seemingly still getting the plays it deserves after the tape landed as the number one album in the country after its April 2018 release. While we can assume that the Bardi Gang are still streaming some of the hits, it looks as though Cardi B has taken a listen of her raps too since it inspired a recent share to Instagram that sees her shaking her booty for the camera. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The boomerang clip shows the "Money" rapper shaking her tail feathers with her tongue out with a caption that reads: "Is lit like a lamp, lick you like a stamp." The verse comes from her YG collaboration "She Bad" that serves as the 11th song on the tape. 

While Cardi definitely has more moves than that to offer, she recently revealed how her role in the upcoming stripper film Hustlers won't see as many as she hoped since her liposuction surgery held her back from going wild on the pole. 

"You know what? I was really mad because let me tell you something -- when I did the movie, I just got my t**ties done and I got lipo, right? So I was like, 'This is my moment to shine, and I can't shine because I can't climb!'" she said. "So I was mad. I was like, 'Goddamn it!'"