Cardi B's Fashion Nova line was a serious milestone for the rapper since she's probably one of the proudest owners of all the items the online retail store offers. Cardi used to rock the designs before she blew up on the scene and even after she and the Billboard charts grew a strong relationship, she still picked Fashion Nova over some of the hottest designer brands out there. 

"Me and Fashion Nova we've been friends for a very long time. It's almost like a family thing and it's like, hey why not?" Cardi said of the collaboration. We know that her collection sold out in minutes, but now reports say the "Money" rapper was rolling in serious cash since the Cardi B Collection allegedly pulled in over $10 million in only three hours, Revelist reports.

In other (random) Cardi news, Ashanti's sister is claiming that her designs were stolen for Cardi's Fashion Nova collection. "I charged it to the game cuz I’m no hater bitch and I know the possibilities of my creativity are limitless & I can Rely solely on that an be good! however,im reminded no matter how old never doubt myself,"  Kenashia Douglas wrote on Instagram.