Offset and Cardi B are one of the most prominent power couples in Hollywood as they dominate the media with their every move. You either love or hate Cardi B. Her personality is so out there that it is actually pretty divisive. Some think she's a little extra while others embrace her authenticity. As of late, she's been on her best behavior after everything that happened with Nicki Minaj. She's still continually keeping an eye on one person though: her husband. 

In the past, there have been rumors flying around of infidelity in their relationship. Celina Powell was a major part of the gossip as the hip-hop groupie claimed to have been pregnant with Offset's child. That ended up being false but Cardi knows about her man's wandering eyes. She keeps him in close sight at all times and when he's away, she puts her hawk-like instincts to work on social media. Bardi shared a meme to depict how her eyes look when she's spying on Offset. The star juxtaposed what your eyes look like on several drugs before including one with the caption, "looking for my n***a in the background of pictures." 

Cardi B puts in her all in the studio and when she gets back home, she's doing some investigative work on the regular.