To say that Cardi B has suddenly vaulted herself into the upper echelon of hip-hop celebrity is putting it mildly. She has a No. 1 single under her belt that continues to position her a crossover success, fending off some stiff competition to become 2017's unlikeliest and most inspiring success story. To that end, she's not about to cruise through life with the blinders on either - in fact, she's learned some real lessons about what goes on behind the scenes when you're rich and famous and hang out with some like-minded people (or really, those who have similarly padded bank accounts).

In a new video clip that the rapper uploaded to her Instagram page, Cardi details a hard lesson she's learned as a result of her newfound celebrity. Well, not necessarily that hard, but important all the same. "I've been hanging around with a lot of people that's wealthy," she began, "and one thing that I learned about these people is like, no matter how much money you have, no matter how big you are, how famous you are, like, they will still end up stealing your charger and your lighter." She didn't name any culprits explicitly, but there's a good chance that one or several of the people she's referring to are members of the hip-hop community as well. You'd think that buying a dozen chargers or more, one for literally every room in the house and/or vehicle as well, wouldn't be an issue for the rich and famous, but according to Cardi, along with lighters, they're in short supply within her circle. 

As for Cardi's music, you can bank on some new material hitting the public sphere in the not-too-distant future. In another social media video from late last week, the emcee apologized to fans for not dropping a freestyle on her birthday as she had originally teased, but she said it was because her label had other plans in store for whatever she'd been busy with. That being said, Cardi added that fans could be hearing that new freestyle very soon, laying the groundwork for another potential No. 1 hit down the road.