Unless you're robbing a bank, trying to look cool in a low-budget rap video, or actually hitting the slopes, there's really no reason to be rocking a ski mask around town. Fashion-obsessed individuals like A$AP Rocky have gotten a pass in that regard, performing with the accessory covering his face during his Injured Generation tour and perhaps kicking off the current streetwear trend. A number of fast-fashion labels are trying to capitalize late on the trend, dropping hype versions of the traditional winter attire but, instead of being hailed as a style icon, Cardi B wore one and is now facing plastic surgery rumors.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Some fans are wondering why the majority of Cardi B's face was covered when she attended her best friend's baby shower over the weekend. Alongside a slew of famous guests, including Remy Ma, La La Anthony, and many more, Star Brim celebrated the upcoming birth of her baby and Cardi B was in tow for the event. Only, you had to look very closely to realize that the Bronx superstar was the woman behind the mask. Wearing an oversized pair of red sunglasses and a black balaclava, Bardi made an appearance in Star's account of the party, causing some fans to speculate on the reason why she was hiding in plain sight. The general consensus seems to be that the singer got plastic surgery on her face, which may also explain why she hasn't posted any photos from the shower on her own page. Of course, for now, that's simply gossip.

Do you think Cardi B may have gotten knifed up or is she simply making a statement with her ski mask? We'll opt for the latter.