With the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards airing Sunday night, Cardi B took a moment to celebrate underappreciated Black artists who were nominated for awards with a lengthy statement on Twitter. Cardi's comments come after The Weeknd revealed that he will no longer be submitting his music for consideration, labeling the Awards as "corrupt."

Cardi admits it can be frustrating to feel your music is being overlooked for consideration, and that recognition from the Grammys can feel great:

It's frustrating sometimes to work and work on your craft and you feel overlooked because you might not look like others ,are not mixxy so you not always around other artists, you rap or sing about different material, you stay out of drama and the media or yet still not as popular however you're talented ass fuck and one day you wake up and you find out youre nominated and got a notice from one of the biggest award shows purely cause of your TALENT!

In her statement, she specifically shouts out Freddie Gibbs, Giveon, Brittany Howard, Ant Clemons, Ledisi, Luke James, Thundercat, Chika, Jean and Marcus Baylor, and more for being nominated, despite not receiving sufficient attention from blogs, magazines, or other award shows.

Cardi B, Grammys
Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

She continues:

Soo besides all the bullshit let's not forget to congratulate these artists. This is their moment too and they been working their ass off with no exposure and let's not overshadow it with feelings cause your favorite might not be on the list. Congrats guys and good luck on the Grammys. You deserve it.

The Grammys are set to air at 8:00 PM EST, Sunday.