Over the past year or so, Offset and Cardi B have been one of hip-hop's biggest power couples. During the late stages of 2018, the two underwent some marital issues stemming from Offset's alleged infidelity but after plenty of public apologies, they eventually got back together. The two have pretty much been inseparable ever since and have been hands-on parents with their daughter Kulture who has been growing up in the public eye. Ever since their reconciliation at the beginning of the year, it seems like things are going great and last night, Cardi confirmed such assumptions with an adorable Instagram post.

The photo shows Cardi and Offset sharing a kiss while holding Kulture between them. The caption simply reads "Thank You" which just goes to show how appreciative Cardi has been of Offset's love and support. 

Just scrolling through all of the comments, it's obvious how much people love seeing these two together and striving. Cardi B is an underdog when it comes to the rap game and Offset has been there to support her career at every turn. Love or hate them, there is no denying that they will continue to be one of the biggest couples in rap for a long time.