Cardi B revealed to the world at the BET Awards that she's expecting her second child with rapper Offset. The shocking moment came while the Migos were performing, inviting Cardi up on stage to rap her verse from "Type Shit." She showed off her baby bump for the first time, instantly becoming a trend on social media with fans lighting up over the incredible news.

While this will likely delay Cardi's plans to release a new album and tour the world, she has said on a few occasions that she wants to have a second child with Offset, marking a very special moment in their lives. She's been flaunting her jaw-dropping maternity pictures on Instagram for the last week but on TikTok, she showed how she's been successfully hiding her pregnancy, using the "How would they know?" audio and dressing in a skintight ensemble.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET

Looking at the camera head-on, Cardi B completely normal in her outfit before turning to the side and revealing her small bump, effectively finessing people and proving that she can be pretty deceptive when she wants to be.

Maybe DaniLeigh has been taking tips from Cardi... the entire world is convinced that she's currently pregnant with DaBaby's baby but she hasn't said a peep. Could she be taking the Cardi way of hiding her pregnancy, or are people just overreacting?