We still haven't gotten a great look at baby Kulture. Offset and Cardi B have kept their daughter out of the tabloids as much as they can. One photo of Cardi and her child on a balcony made its way onto the internet but she has attempted to keep her private life as secret as possible. The singer is currently promoting her appearance on City Girls' "Twerk" and her new single "Money," but she's still got time to show off her banging body.

The former dancer posted a tease on her Instagram story, covering up her breasts with her arm as she flaunted how much weight she's lost since giving birth. Bardi recently noted how she's been trying to gain weight since she continues to lose the pounds, no matter how hard she tries not to. She told her fans that she's been "very depressed" since losing the weight. She seems to be feeling herself a little more, showing some skin on her socials and proving that she's not lying - she really has lost a ton of weight.

Hopefully, the star can get back up to a weight she's comfortable at. Cardi B's album Invasion of Privacy was recently named Time Magazine's "best album of 2018," which was met with scrutiny from many hip-hop fans. Despite the year we've experienced in rap, Bardi was the only hip-hop artist to even be mentioned in the article.