The slave trade that is taking place in Libya has sadly been happening for some time. A better chunk of the world has finally been notified of the matter through CNN's recent expose and artists such as T.I. and Chris Brown trying to bring awareness via their social media platforms with a high number of followers. 

Another hip-hop emcee to go vocal on the matter is Cardi B who spoke to her fans over Instagram Live sharing her opinion on Africans being sold for farm work. 

"I don't understand why [the United Nations] not making it they [priority] to help what's going on in Libya," she says in the video."You wanna know why they not making it their priority...or why they haven't tried to help Libya?" She then explains how the country has not had a leader for a significant amount of time, leaving the country chaotic and war-torn.

"You know wanna why they don't...because it's convenient for them" Cardi explains. "They want free resources..they want they free goods and that's why they don't give a fuck."

Cardi then brings up how the U.N. are now having a "fake" meeting since CNN released the video, reminding her fans again and again that the organization does not care about Libya - "That's a motherfucking fact," Cardi ends her PSA.

As posted earlier, many are blaming Hillary Clinton for the modern day slave happenings. When George W. Bush was president in 2003, he made a pact with Libya's former leader, Col. Moammar Gadhafi, that he will not depose him as long as he gave up his weapons of mass destruction. When Barack Obama was in office, Hillary lead an operation to break the pact and displaced Col. Moammar anyway. Her move is what threw the country out of whack leaving the people with no ruler. 

However, she thought she made a great decision where she mentioned in an interview, "we came, we saw, he died."

What do you guys think of Cardi B's opinion?