Cardi B wasted little time in seizing the last minute cuts from Beyonce's assembly of dancers. Earlier in the week, TMZ reported that Beyonce's dance troupe for Coachella ballooned from a dozen members to nearly one hundred. It appears at least twenty of those trained professionals did not make the final roster for her mega set. Of the 20 cuts, at least a dozen have been snatched up by Cardi B in the lead up to her performance on Sunday.

Cardi has one day of rehearsal to acclimate her troops. If you recall, the New York rapper spared no expense to make her Coachella performance both grandiose, and pregnancy-safe. TMZ reports that Cardi already had a roster of 16 dancers prepared, with 4 of 5 dancers getting added to the mix, the others getting the proverbial axe. Mind you everyone's expenses are covered as soon as they stepped foot.

Cardi won't be hiding the baby bump under a Targa spoiler. Rumors have it that Cardi's budget for the Coachella performance has risen to well over $450k. Beyonce dancers are put through an extensive set of drills so they definitely come as advertised, ask anyone on the Formation tour.