Cardi B is one of the most controversial music stars in the game. Every time she opens her mouth, something headline-worthy is going to come out. That's basically guaranteed at this point. Last year, people tried to end her when old videos re-surfaced of her speaking about her days as a stripper, admitting to some pretty terrible things.

"I’d drug n***as up and I’d rob them," she says in the video, which had many people calling her a rapist. 

In her new cover story with ELLE Magazine, she discusses Cancel Culture, addressing that controversy in particular.

"I made the choices that I did at the time because I had very limited options. I was blessed to have been able to rise from that, but so many women have not. Whether or not they were poor choices at the time, I did what I had to do to survive," she said at the time.

Cardi B is genuinely perplexed about why she perpetually gets canceled, questioning why she always sees "#CardiBIsOverParty" trending on Twitter.

"It’s like I have a target on my back, but it’s not because of my music. Because I haven’t done music for eight months, and people still try to attack me," she says. "I feel like people are attacking me because they want me to feel the pressure of bullying, and they want me to give up, and they want me to say, ‘Oh, I quit music’ or ‘I’ll delete my Instagram, delete my Twitter,’ and I’m not willing to do that. No one will ever have that much power [over] me."

She then pinpointed exact moments people have tried to end her career, including when her alleged burner account was found.

"I cannot believe 73 people are trying to cancel me over a lie. Can you imagine me having a fake Instagram account to talk shit about different artists that I don’t even think about?" asked Cardi. "I’m 27 years old, you know what I’m saying? I’m 27 years old and I have big bills, big responsibilities, and a kid who’s on my ass a lot. If I don’t fucking like somebody, I am going to let them know I don’t fucking like them, or I don’t fuck with them, or I’m not feeling their energy. I’m not going to make a fake Instagram trolling artists, talking shit about artists. Are you crazy?"

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