Anybody that had purchased tickets to go see Cardi B in the next few months is likely devastated by the news that she has canceled the majority of her future shows due to her pregnancy. While the circumstances of the cancellations are incredibly valid and understandable, there is no doubt that Cardi will make it up to her legion of fans once her baby has been born. The leader of Bardi Gang noted that, while Broccoli City Festival will be her last performance for a while, she is still working on a bunch of projects.

"Okay so i might be off from doing performances for a couple of months," began Cardi, before continuing, "But in the meantime imma be working my ass off. So many songs, features to do. Working on a lot of deals i sign up for and most importantly nesting." Taking care of her baby-to-be is the biggest priority for Cardi at the moment, making sure that she isn't overly stressed before going into labor. Noting that she has more music on the way including the occasional feature, we can't help but wonder what Cardi is working on so soon after the release of Invasion of Privacy.

Although her workload will be lessened by way of the show cancellations, Bardi is struggling with everything she still has on her plate, writing, "Im already overwhelmed from the new work." We hope Cardi has a safe delivery and continues her astonishing rise once her energy is back.