When Cardi B's birthday rolled around in October, Offset went all out. Not only did they go on a getaway to celebrate, he bought her a massive ring, whose stone he referred to as the "Titanic" diamond. The jeweller who made the ring later revealed that it cost the Migos member an upward of one million dollars. As if this gift weren't enough, while on her birthday trip, Offset even agreed to take shots in Cardi's honour even though he's not much of a drinker. All this to say, Cardi probably felt some pressure to make her man's birthday as special as her's was. 

Well, it appears Cardi did not disappoint. In an erotically-titled video she posted on Instagram today - which is Offset's birthday - she explained to him the difficulty of getting a gift for someone who isn't lacking in any material items. "You got every car, every jewelry. You got every... um, shit you got everything. You got every shoe. You know what I'm saying? What else can I give someone that got everything?" Cardi then briefly pauses before exclaiming, "The fridge!" For a moment, you might be confused as to how it's possible that Offset doesn't own a fridge, of all things. But then the fridge behind him is opened to reveal a surprise: $500,000 in cold, hard cash. He starts retrieving the racks, accidentally dropping some along the way. While Offset certainly has money, a nice surprise is priceless. 

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Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn ❤️ Y O U

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While Cardi told the Offset that he could whatever he wishes with his present - even buy her more Birkin bags - he had the perfect idea in mind. They put that cash in a duffel bag and took it straight to the strip club. Cardi's Instagram stories showed their section littered with bills, leaving the floor completely covered. Quavo is also seen cheesing about the boxes of Popeyes sandwiches brought to the club. Overall, Cardi delivered. 

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