Cardi B is one of the more polarizing entertainers in the entire world. In such a short period of time, her personality and strong branding have boosted her from a literal nobody to the biggest superstar in the world. She's worked extremely hard to get where she is and she deserves every inch of success she sees, despite all the hate she receives. The rapper is sure to be a popular costume idea for women around the globe tonight and one celebrity kicked off the fun by dressing as "Cardi E" on her own television program.

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off the Halloween edition of her talk show in a special Cardi-inspired fit, rocking a chain and everything. The wardrobe switch inspired a magical being to appear before her very eyes, summoning the spirit of Belcalis and getting the superstar rapper to emerge from the backstage area. While on the show, Cardi taught Ellen how to twerk (which was, by far, the best part of the segment) before touching on her fear of the dark (dark dark), her own costume ideas, and the success of her Netflix show Rhythm + Flow. In fact, she revealed that she may even be signing a few of the artists that appeared on the program, which was won by D Smoke.

Maybe Old Man Saxon will finally get his shot! Watch Cardi's appearance on Ellen below.