Cardi B is known for trying to control the media narrative surrounding her, infamously going after The Shade Room in their comments. While she's been tame this year, she's still trying to challenge people for posting her on the internet, this time going against another blog for sharing unflattering paparazzi pictures of her.

The rapper is allegedly going after a blogger known as Daily Tea Talks, threatening him and his family over the picture.

Explaining to Cardi why he posted the picture, which shows her without make-up, the blogger claimed that Nicki Minaj's team came after him for something similar the week prior. He declined to take it down. He's doing the same with Bardi.

"Stop fucking doing that shit," yells Cardi in a voice note to the blogger. "Stop fucking writing to me that you'll be doing your little shit 'cause you know exactly what the fuck you be doing. Stop playing with me before I find you and get your ass beat the fuck up." 

In further screenshots, Cardi shares a conversation with the man and asks him to delete the pictures before he explains the situation with Nicki. That's when she started sending voice notes.

Earlier today, the rapper teased a major announcement. She also told fans that she was joining OnlyFans to clear up rumors. Maybe this will be the first thing she can talk about on her new page.