The proud mama that is Cardi B has zero regrets for 2018, as far as her dress code is concerned. Whereas most people would be willing to accept designer wears as hand-me-down bestowals, Cardi B made the most of her public exposure to finagle the latest closest drops by the fanciest retailers in the garments trade. The sovereign Queen of BX rap fielded her best outfits to a clear-cut Top 9 as indicated by the following Instagram post, to coincide with the hype train for the "Money" rollout, now one week old.

The Top 9 were assembled like a Hollywood Squares panel with a particular focus on the heirloom effect of her "Money" video. At first glance, the picture-reel gives off the allusion of Cardi B traveling the World to pick her wardrobe, when in fact, these outfit changes were all staged within the very same "Money" video shoot.

I remember the modest "Bodak Yellow" music video like it was yesterday. A green screen lay intermittent as the video department shifted between desktops, and that doesn't account for the antecedent video that were filmed on location in plain jane New York City. Cardi B has certainly come a long way since the days of eating a packed lunch on the set of L&HH.