Cardi B got it out the mud to international success. Following the success of "Bodak Yellow," she soared to the top of the chart and stardom, but she'd even tell you that music was never at the forefront of mind until much later on in life. That's not to undermine the work she's put in over the years but she even admitted that her passion for music came after she started to see the bag.

Cardi B recently popped by Ellen where she sat down with Young Dylan, a young rapper who has his sights set of becoming a big rapper in the future. Cardi gave Young Dylan the opportunity to pop off a short freestyle for her before he asked the "Press" superstar for some words of wisdom. She advised him to keep rapping and reminded him that puberty is on the way so the vocal tone will get better with age.

"Just keep practicing now. Make sure you record every single time you rap because let me tell you something. There’s this guy called Travis Scott and he did a documentary and he had videos of when he was a little kid. And I was like, ‘Wow I wish my parents had recorded me when I was a little kid,’" she told Dylan. "So you should record yourself when you’re rapping so when you become a big star, you can do the same thing he did.”

Peep the clip below.