Is there anyone in hip-hop who has had a more "rags to riches" year than Cardi B? After the success of her single "Bodak Yellow," the New York native has reached heights of fame that, prior to the song's released, she may not have thought possible. Now, her profile has only continued to grow. Rumors of an upcoming collaboration with Beyoncé have been whispered among fans for a few days now, following her link-up with both Migos and Nicki Minaj on the recent "Motor Sport." As of this writing, her Instagram following is up over 12 million followers, which has given the rapper a platform bigger than she'd ever dreamed. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it sounds like Cardi is beginning to realize the gravity of her newfound fame.

In a new video that Cardi B shared to said Instagram profile, she began in her typically silly way, reaching for some sunnies because she thought she "looked ugly." After a second, though, she got more serious, speaking about a revelation that she had recently about her fan base, specifically the younger member of that group. She said that, after Halloween, she realized how many young girls look up to her and admire her and, as a result, she feels she needs to set a "better example" for all those who currently idolize her. "I been trying to be more like, you know, like PG-13," she admitted, before adding that, whenever she hangs out with her "hood rat" friends, they "f**k me up" all over again and she tends to lose focus.

Whatever her current thoughts on her public persona are, there's one thing for sure: we won't hear Offset commenting on that persona in interviews anytime soon. The Migos rapper actually cut a decent discussion on The Dana Cortez Show short after the host asked him about his recent engagement to Cardi B. Looks like Offset is keeping the details of his romantic life expressly private for the time being.