Susan Page was the moderator for last night's Vice-Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris and, while she was praised for the questions she asked, she has been criticized for failing to follow up on them when the nominees, namely Pence, went off-topic. 

With this year's election possibly being the most important in our lifetime, a ton of people were watching last night, trying to get an idea of which campaign would be the best to represent America for the next four years. Cardi B was tuned in with her team and, much like the rest of us, she got heated pretty quickly.

As she did with the Presidential Debate several weeks ago, Cardi shared her live reactions to Susan Page's moderation, Pence's answers, and more last night. Much of her content was dedicated to Page's moderation though, with the rapper even requesting a fight with her over her failure to keep Pence on-topic.

"No, you can't do that! No, you gotta tell him no," yelled Cardi at her TV screen after Page allowed Pence to speak about another topic than what she had asked. "No! You changed the topic. He keeps breaking the rules! No! No! No! Tell him no! Yo, she's letting him break the rules! That's not fair because if [Kamala Harris] had done that it [would have been] a problem."

Cardi uploaded four videos to her feed last night and, in all of them, she gets pretty loud. However, her fans are calling for the rapper to be present at the next debate, which might not even happen, to moderate. In her final post, Cardi says that she "wishes" she were there.

Would you tune in for a debate moderated by Cardi B?