Could Cardi B be planning an appearance at WWE WrestleMania 37? That's definitely a possibility after the rapper from The Bronx was referenced in a backstage segment on WWE RAW between Torrie Wilson, Angel Garza, and Nikki Cross.

The superstar was confused on Twitter last night, wondering aloud why she was being included in so many WWE-referring tweets. "Wait what’s going on," asked Cardi. "People keep tagging me in WWE stuff?" 

One of the rapper's fans responded to her with a clip of a promo segment between Torrie Wilson, Angel Garza, and Nikki Cross, which ultimately included The Boogeyman as well. Torrie lured Garza into a green room, where he was expecting to meet with Cardi B, but he was actually confronted by The Boogeyman's spooky presence, cutting the lights entirely. 

Cardi B watched the segment and she's a little upset about her official WWE "debut" happening this way. From her tweets, you can see that she grew up watching the product, and she just didn't expect for her first WWE reference to come up this way. She called out Vince McMahon and teased an appearance at this year's WrestleMania.

"WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF," wrote the rapper. "This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F*CKIN DAYS!!!!" 

Earlier, she hinted that she could be on her way to collecting a check from the company.

"@wale don’t gotta tell me twice," wrote Cardi on Twitter, replying to the wrestling fan. "This me On my way to wrestlermania to collect my check."

What did you think of the segment, and who do you think Cardi B should fight at WrestleMania 37?