ASMR is a phenomenon that half the world loves and the other half just doesn't understand. Personally, I find the craze to be a little annoying. YouTubers have been filming their own ASMR videos using special microphones to pick up even the softest of tones, whispering into the mic and finding the most absurd objects to explore the sonic qualities of online. Everything from water bottles to combs, brushes, rugs, different textures of clothing, and more have been used to calm people's anxiety in these videos and Cardi B admits to watching them on a daily basis. Considering she has a decent amount of experience as a viewer, she decided to give ASMR a whirl during her latest feature with W Magazine. 

At this point, Cardi B has done everything you can think of this year. She's got hit records, some of the most viewed music videos in the world, she had a baby, got married, and more. It can be argued that she's absolutely taken over this year. So why not tackle ASMR? Diving into the new market, Bardi told her listeners stories behind her biggest songs: "Bodak Yellow," "Bartier Cardi," "I Like It," "Be Careful," and more all get explained as she whispers softly into your ear. ASMR videos are most effectively viewed wearing headphones so if you're down for Cardi's latest experience, take out your best gear.

It's pretty hilarious to hear the usually boisterous Cardi B spitting soft "Okrrr's" into a sensitive mic as she calms down her act a few notches. If you watched the clip, what did you think?