While Cardi B has been gearing up to release the follow-up to her debut album Invasion of Privacy which dropped in 2018, the Bronx-bred rapper has certainly kept herself preoccupied. After recently announcing a new Facebook Messenger Watch series Cardi TriesCardi is now ready to dip her feet into a little bit of fortune-telling. 

Under a new Instagram handle @cardibtruthteller, fans of the 28-year-old rapper can DM the account to receive some words of wisdom on the Facebook Messenger app's new feature. "2020 has been rough baby. Let’s get that astral plane looking tight," wrote Supreme Truth Teller Cardi in the account's bio. After you've received your reading from Cardi, you'll then get the option to share the message. 

Cardi will be doing readings and helping fans manifest on the astrology account from Saturday, December 26th until January 2nd.

Becoming an astrologist is just one of the many new journeys the "Bodak Yellow" artist will embark on in the next coming months. In addition to the new collaborations with Facebook, Cardi recently revealed plans to continue the rollout of her sophomore album.

Talking to fans on Twitter, the Grammy winner wrote, "I’m workin on it ...I promise I won’t hold ya up for long." She continued, "Maynr I’m February imma fly ten fans to hear it ....If Covid still ain’t hating."

We surely do hope COVID isn't.