Cardi B has all but announced, via TMZ, her nomination as the latest Pepsi "Super Bowl" star. A spokesperson for PepsiCo. has informed TMZ that a commercial starring the Bronx rapper has already been completed (shot+edited). If proven correct, Cardi B would join names like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyonce as one-time company ambassadors. For what it's worth, Pepsi's annual ad-placement during the "Super Bowl" is widely considered the most prized "casting call" during the big game. 

Last year, model Cindy Crawford bore the distinction of representing Pepsi on the grand stage. Her predecessors, in no order of preference, include "superstars" like Pink, One Direction, MadonnaMariah Carey, and even The Spice Girls who signed on under false "footballing" pretenses, but ultimately grew of their newfound idolatry in America.

As reported, Cardi B was in talks to join Maroon 5 for the actual halftime festivities, until negotiations fell apart. Cardi B's appointment as Pepsi's 2019 posterchild is in no way, a consolation to getting "halftime" snub. Some would argue that a "Super Bowl" commercial holds more value in the long-run. And yet, Cardi B was still booked in the run-up to the game itself, alongside her "Finesse" partner Bruno Mars as headliners for the Super Bowl Music Fest - a three-day concert event taking place at Atlanta's State Farm Arena, between January 31st and February 2nd.