Cardi B is still adjusting to the implications of her fame. Although the "I Like It" star has been consistently generous with her following by offering glimpses of her personal life and thoughts, her initiation into motherhood has greatly affected the way she appreciates her privacy. 

The rapper shared a couple of clips of herself explaining the difficulties she is facing, giving real-life examples of "invasion of privacy." She starts with stalkers and fans who have boundary issues.

"I just wanted to take a picture with my baby sitting with a little tutu [...] N*ggas would practically stalk me trying to take pictures of my baby."

Cardi affirms that her daughter Kulture is truly beautiful. While she would love to share her with the world, she also feels the need to be truly ready for the implications of revealing her daughter's identity.

"Let me do things on my time, at my pace."

Her concerns surpass pestering by fans. The entertainer reveals that she received death threats online and that someone even leaked her phone number which added to her struggle. Private investigators have been hired to track down the instigators.

The safety of her family is on her mind. She simply wants the public as well as the media to let celebrities live. Watch her full exposé below.