One of the most anticipated music videos of the year so far has been Cardi B's "Bartier Cardi." The rapper has teased the video for quite some time and, given the song originally released in December, Cardi has timed the video release to coincide with the frenzy surrounding her album drop. The video finally surfaced last night to the delight of her supporters and haters alike, giving everybody something to passionately speak about today. The reaction to her rise to fame has been mixed as she appears to garner opposite extreme reactions from casual and hardcore fans. 

The video is glitzy and full of glamorous looks, including a red lingerie get-up and plenty of furs. The lo-fi, hazy affair will no doubt be accepted by the Bardi Gang as much as it will be critiqued by those unsure of her inclusion in the rap game. 

Regardless of your opinions on the woman, it will be intriguing to see if she stakes her claim on the music industry with her upcoming debut album Invasion Of Privacy. In preparation for her album drop, we have prepared a list of the greatest moments from the fresh "Bartier Cardi" video, including her licking a raindrop off a car's windshield and 21 Savage's bizarre cameo. Watch the full video below and check out our favorite, most GIF-worthy moments.