In a career that has seen her go from the strip club to being the sole name on one of the hottest songs of the year, Cardi B has come a long way. She said so herself, especially in response to all those who have become a fan (or tried to become a friend of hers) simply because she's reached a certain level of fame thanks to her single "Bodak Yellow." However, if there were any doubters left, this should silence them: that song of hers is now a Top 3 song.

The news was broken by Gary Trust, the man in charge of managing the Hot 100 chart for Billboard, who confirmed that "Bodak" was indeed a very special release. Because of its success, she's now the first woman across all genres in 2017 to have an unassisted track cracked the Top 3 threshold so far this year. According to Trust, that number is all the more impressive in light of the dwindling numbers where female singles rising on the Hot 100 are concerned.

The feat didn't go unnoticed by esteemed members of the hip-hop community. One such backer has been Elliott Wilson, who's been a booster of Cardi's since the beginning, and he took to Instagram to do his part in celebrating the incredible accomplishment with the young rapper.

The song has even taken over a section of the sports world, with "Bodak Yellow" becoming part of the Washington Redskins' pregame playlist. 

The real question now is probably whether or not Cardi B can sustain this kind of success long-term. With news via The New York Times that she's already wrapped the recording sessions on some new tracks, we know there's more coming from Cardi, but we can't be sure exactly what we're going to hear. She's definitely got rhyming chops, there's no denying that, and the current wave of success from "Bodak" reflects that. Cheers to Cardi on the accomplishment!