Cardi B's been having a grand ol' week. Despite Azealia Banks' jealousy driven rant(s,), her success has been celebrated by most. I mean, she was a former stripper that ended up on VH1's Love & Hip Hop series and then used her platform to garner a number 1, platinum selling single. The hustle is real. Prior to even getting a number one single, the success of "Bodak Yellow" helped her cop a big ole orange Bentley and launched her into another realm of stardom. However, the fruits of her labor are not just paying off for herself but for others that surround her as well. While there's no doubt she's been helping out her family on the way up, it turns out that even her dentist has been reaping the benefits of her chart topping single.

In an interview with TMZ, Cardi B's dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, said that "Bodak Yellow's" success has tripled her business. "Since the song ‘Bodak Yellow,’ that just went No. 1 this week, things have been incredible. Just this week, I've gotten so many calls, because people actually wonder 'Who is Cardi B's dentist?' Business has literally tripled," she told TMZ. She also said that people have been finding out about her by googling who Cardi B's dentist is. 

For anyone that's known Cardi B from her days on Love & Hip Hop, you're aware that she's had some work done on her teeth. She was clearly getting the TV bag at the time and got her teeth fixed. She even says it on "Bodak Yellow."

"Got a bag and fixed my teeth/ Hope you hoes know it ain't cheap."

According to the TMZ report, her dentist has confirmed the lyric. She says that the price of her porcelain veneer's are on par with the cost of a luxury SUV. Clearly, Cardi's hustle's been working out well. She got a Bentley and teeth that are priced in the near range. 

Dr. Catrise Austin's clientele include other major celebrities. Along with Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Common, Toni Braxton and Omarosa are Austin's clients. However, Austin says that the demand for her business is not limited to celebrities. She says that she's been getting calls from college students to retired police officers and more. 

Cardi B's clearly not only making a name for herself in hip hop but also in the world of dentistry.

Check the clip below: