Much of what happens in Cardi B's career is drama-filled. She's been one of the top stars in the music industry since the release of "Bodak Yellow" and she's successfully stuck around, enjoying an incredible campaign in 2018. As she preps a new album to be dropped around the same time as her Invasion Of Privacy anniversary, Bardi remains locked in a messy lawsuit against her ex-manager. For months, a battle between the artist and Klenord "Shaft" Raphael has been dragging on and now, a new layer has been added to the drama.

According to The Blast, Shaft is requesting that Cardi B's father gets grilled regarding the ongoing legal fight. He reportedly believes that Cardi's dad has information that may be vital to the case, firing off a subpoena and demanding that he gets questioned. The publication notes that court documents were filed on January 2 for the duelling lawsuits. Both Shaft and Cardi B are suing each other for millions in damages.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In the documents, Cardi's lawyer says that they were served with a subpoena for the singer's father to sit down for a deposition so that he can reveal all that he knows about the case and Shaft's relationship with his daughter. Apparently, Offset has also been served with a subpoena where he was referred to as Cardi's "estranged husband."

Raphael sued Cardi last year for $10 million, claiming that she was in violation of her contract when she fired him. In response, the recording artist counter-sued for $15 million.