Cardi B's ex-manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael is still doing the most when it comes to his lawsuit against the "I Like It" rapper. Things first started when Shaft sued Cardi months ago claiming she dropped him once she got famous and didn't pay him proper money for 'all the hard work' he did for her. Cardi clapped back and counter-sued him, claiming that he stole her money and cut her poorly on deals, ensuring that he pulled in more profit. She detailed how he took advantage of her and demanded $15 million in damages. 

According to The Blast, Shaft is now looking for Cardi's case to get dropped, denying that he stole from her saying that he's always had her best interest and apparently, he's still ready and willing to be her manager - is he serious? He's demanding that Cardi's counter-sue be tossed out by the court, but he's not slowing down on his case suing Cardi for $10 million. 

When Shaft first came after Cardi in April, she and her team responded saying: "It appears that Plaintiff took advantage of an inexperienced young woman with considerable talent and charisma, but with a limited education who lacked experience in the age-old exploitative market of the entertainment industry.”

Both cases are still ongoing.