Yesterday, Cardi B delivered the long awaited music video to her single, "Be Careful," off her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. The song, which people initially assumed was about Offset, has Cardi issuing a stern warning about what might happen if her man should ever double cross her. The video follows much the same vein, with Cardi and her groom getting married at a church in the middle of the desert. However, their marriage doesn't last long, as Cardi ends up visiting his funeral very soon after, presumably because he decided to do something he shouldn't have. 

The actor who plays her husband isn't just another handsome face, however. He's actually Keith Carlos, a former NFL player and the first male winner of America's Next Top Model. He recently had a chat with Complex, about his experience working on the video. 

Apparently Cardi's team hit him up just a few hours before the video was set to start shooting, at 4 AM. So Carlos had to run out to the desert where they were shooting the video, which Cardi described at the hardest shoot she's ever done. In an Instagram video taken on the weekend, Cardi complained that she was even getting sweat "under her titties."

On this matter, Carlos said, " It was hot, I’m not gonna lie. I even had under titty sweat so she wasn’t lying about that. But I handled it well. It was cool."

He also speaks on his outfit in the video, and his upcoming projects.