This year, we've seen Cardi B establish herself as a threat among female rappers. It's been an amazing 2018 for the artist as she has become a top star in the industry, stacking up her money tall as she prepares her next moves. We've already received the video for "I Like It" but her label decided to double up, creating a new clip for her international crowd.

Uploaded by Warner Music Japan, Cardi B has a new anime video for her hit single "I Like It." The video cuts off after Cardi's section as J Balvin and Bad Bunny don't enjoy the pleasure of being featured in the video. Perhaps it's better that way though as Bardi's fans are not entirely impressed with what they're seeing. "When did anime become this kind of crap," asked one user. Another added, "Who even decided that this was a good thing to post?" 

The clip is pretty playful as it features different animations of Cardi B in Japan. She hangs out with Sumo wrestlers, sings karaoke and climbs to the top of Mount Fuji. As it only includes Cardi's portion of the song, it clocks in at just 90 seconds. 

If you prefer watching the real Cardi in action, you can check out the official video here.