Cardi B recently did a cover story with GQ where she spoke in detail about her butt injections. She explained that she got them done in a basement in Queens for $800 and the whole scenario sounded painful and dangerous. "It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days," she said to the writer. According to a plastic surgeon, the procedure Cardi B went through could've led to her death.

A double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wright A. Jones, spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about Cardi B's butt injections. He said that it sounded like it was done in the black market with silicone which he says has potential negative repercussions on one's heath. If it enters the blood stream, it could lead to many negative side effects including death. He also said that the pain she experienced is something that's common with black market injectors due to the fact that they have don't have the proper anesthetics. As for her leaking, he said that it's also something that could be due to poor injection technique.

Jones later explained that people who go to black markets for the procedure often don't know what exactly is being placed in their body. In addition, they might not even be getting medical grade silicone. He also revealed that the body might not reject it initially and it could take up to 10-15 years to see an effect.

"It's likely that down the road she could need some medical care." He said. "She has to monitor everything closely and follow up with a board certified plastic surgeon."