Just as Offset is known for his Gucci suits and blinged out rings and chains, Cardi B is known for her dramatic claws that are always shining or looking heavy with immaculate designs. BuzzFeed’s Skylar and Essence traveled to Bronz to meet Cardi's very own nail artist Jenny Bui at her self-titled spa in the borough.

Jenny has been doing Cardi's nails for six years and explains how her favorite thing is simply "bling" just like her. “I like bling, I like everything bling, my shoes bling, my shirts bling, everything," Jenny said, as seen in the video below. Jenny even showed BuzzFeed's Essence how she does a usual get-up for Cardi, putting together a set of claws for the host, that were filled with custom designs the same way the 'I Like It" rapper fronts. 

“No matter how much money I make, no matter where I am in my life, I will always do my nails like this,” Cardi previously stated of her nail choice.

Jenny explained to Flaremagazine how she and Cardi have a very close bond. “She’s really close with me and I always treat her like family,” Jenny said. “Whenever she feels hurt, I’m hurt too."