Cardi B's sister Hennessy is best known for her stint as a reality television star, but of late, she's left a greater mark on social media, as the definitive aide to her older sibling. The latest incident of interest to us all (not everything celebs post is worth a focused lens) took place in the comment section of a ShadeRoom post centered on a Cardi B performance at the Global Citizen Festival, you know the gig last night where she had less than full-control over her sweat glands.

Someone took notice and rifled back in the comment section, but Cardi B's sister was on watchdog ready to pounce. The commenter stated that Cardi B "had no stage presence," to which Hennessy quickly retorted: "but Nicki be on drugs on stage looking like a crackhead. So, out of nowhere, a possibly overly critical and harsh comment towards her sister became a cause to implicate Nicki Minaj.

And yet, until further notice, the Nicki-Cardi B still remains a preliminary course to something real, not because the constituents aren't capable, but because the battleground hasn't been set. Even the most dedicated agitator, like say Hennessy Carolina isn't going to tip the balance in anyone's favor. The current stalemate scenario serves both women well, only to be expressed by their confidantes. The Cold War could take years to defuse, even if Cardi & Nicki never come to blows.