As reported, Cardi B and Offset are seemingly back together in holy matrimony, if you will. But as always, in the prophecy that states "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," Cardi was back in a courtroom this morning for a hearing concerning the infamous strip-club-brawl, consequently an issue central to the dissolution of their marriage first time around.

Sisters Sarah Wattley and Rachel Wattley, later enlisted as performers in Nicki Minaj's "Good Form" Remix video, allege that Cardi B was the aggressor in their much-publicized fracas. According to Sarah, Cardi threw a drink in her eyes causing a burning, itching sensation, and temporary blindness. That's at least what the Wattleys have produced insofar as a plausible account of the incident.

Cardi's first hearing since December may seem procedural at best, at this current juncture, but it did produce a few memorable lines as she exited the courthouse. For one, Cardi B's exit produced the very first words on her conscious re-coupling with hubby Offset - and she did it in style by pausing to adjust her eyewear in the slyest manner possible. For the record, it probably took Cardi B more time assemble her matching fur-outfit than the proceeding itself - which was over in a matter of minutes. Cardi's strip-club-brawl case is adjourned until April 4th, allowing her plenty of time to reflect on her marriage, etc.