The news leaked to the public last week: Cardi B is Pepsi's 2019 spokesperson in their annual multimillion-dollar ad placement during Super Bowl Sunday. The starring role in the annual Pepsi Slot is a coveted position, second only to securing the halftime gig in importance. Cardi B's appointment in the titular role places her in select company, next to names like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Beyonce Knowles Carter, just to name a few.

This afternoon, Pepsi debuted a 5-second teaser of the commercial where Cardi B, adorned in shimmering blue, red and white, grits her nails against a diamond-encrusted soda can. Cardi spends the final second or so, letting out a time-released "OKURRRRRR," the bird that she is.

Then, Pepsi offloaded a second longer vignette in which Steve Carrell (as himself) reads the manuscript for the commercial, under the pretense of a deferred decision. For 20-odd seconds, Steve Carrell leafs through the script, unsure of his participation, then turns to the camera and exclaims "Ah, we'll see," before the vignette comes to an end.

So unless Pepsi is playing "bandulo" on our minds, the count now reads three with Steve Carrell's inclusion in the Super Bowl ad. Lil Jon's presence in the final edit has already been confirmed. Tune in for the big game in a couple of Sundays from now, at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.