Two tragedies occurred at Carl Craford's home back in May and now the former L.A. Dodgers star is battling a million-dollar lawsuit in court. According to reports, there was some sort of small gathering happening at the 1501 Entertainment head's Texas mansion when a five-year-old accidentally fell in the pool. A woman named Bethany Lartigue saw the child in distress and jumped in after him, but they both ended up drowning in the end. It's reported that Carl did aid in rescue efforts.

Carl Crawford, Lawsuit, Drowning
Jamie Squire / Staff / Getty Images

Bossip reports that they've obtained court documents from Crawford's camp where he denies that he was negligent. The parents of the child who died filed a lawsuit against Crawford with hopes that the courts will find him legally responsible for their little boy's death. However, in Carl Crawford's response to the accusations, he reportedly states that the adult who was supposed to be caring for the child is partly to blame for the unfortunate accident. He also writes that the death of the child isn't his fault and wants the parent to show concrete evidence to the contrary.

Additionally, if he is found to be legally responsible for this tragedy, he only wants to be ordered to pay medical bills. Carl Crawford also wants a judge to remove him and his companies, including his record label, from the lawsuit.