The prevailing theory on Reddit, Twitter and a few other platforms is that a great misunderstanding was at the center of last night's Lakers-Rockets brawl. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that NBA officials were taken a few plot points into consideration in their "investigation."

For one, Rajon Rondo was wearing a mouthguard during the altercation, which would make it difficult if not impossible for spit to leave his mouth unless of course his the mouthpiece was somehow dislodged. The second piece of evidence is centered around a cut under Rajon Rondo's right eye, presumably suffered at the hands of his bitter rival, Chris Paul. 

The great misunderstanding that is being disseminated across the internet is over camera angle of the Rondo-Paul showdown, which places Carmelo Anthony as an agent of "accidental mayhem." There's a belief Carmelo Anthony may have accidentally spat on his own teammate, causing confusion with Paul and Rondo locked in a fairly intense staredown. Notice that LeBron James crosses the picket fence to assuage his non-teammate right before the "accidental discharge" takes place.

Nonetheless, Adrian Wojnarowski believes Rajon Rondo has a tough case ahead of him if he's to convince NBA officials of a divergent line of projectile spit. His ESPN colleague Rachel Nichols has since published the most definitive angle of the alleged "spitting incident." Where do you stand on the opposing theories?